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Cnt4_Fr53-1There are many examples of modern whistleblower like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning. They  revealed so much information about United States confidential military documents and violations. All of the three are under some sort of prosecution and imprisonment threats for their deeds against national security.

There are also some cases of whistle-blowers seeking a pardon from some higher rank officials and even sometimes from the president. This was the case of Jeffrey Sterling. He was sentenced for a three and a half years in prison for blowing the whistle and standing up for his rights. His wife wrote a personal letter to the President of the United States where she is stating that her husband was just calling up for his constitutional rights as the every other American. She said that these types of whistle blowers existed even through 14 different administrations and that they weren’t prosecuted at the same way as her husband.

Her husband was sentenced at the federal court on the nine felony charges including seven counts of espionage. According to the court he gave some important classified documents to the New York Times on the subject of CIA’s covert Operation Merlin and some false information’s given by Bill Clinton to the Iranian government in order to slow down its nuclear program.

All the time Sterling claimed that he was innocent and that government agency pointed out the finger at him without any reason based on some phone calls and messages. He was sentenced nonetheless. Sterling is currently imprisoned in the state of Colorado – hundreds of miles away from his family.


News whistleblower: there was also the case of John Kiriakou, a CIA officer and he was also sentenced for whistle blowing. He is serving a 30 month prison penalty for revealing some information about torturing techniques used by the secret services and CIA. He was first to describe waterboarding. He describes the method that a single brief instance of waterboarding is sufficient to extract answers from someone. He was a person responsible for capturing of Abu Zubaydah, Al-Qaeda third ranking official. John was also charged in helping Edward Snowden in his numerous “whistle-blowing illegal” activities.


These are the stories of real humans that are honest and are fighting for themselves and their rights. They cannot to fight this battle alone especially when there is a whole state against you. Prosecution of these men is nothing but a representation of a police state and its laws. This is the first look on the lives of whistleblowers. These are humans who are fighting for truth and moral causes. Most of them are sentenced for their deeds and sent to jail.

Some people are considering whistle-blowers as real life heroes. They are doing this all in the favor of the real truth and real stories. Media is making them look as some villains who are bringing nations security into the question and on the other hand they are just letting us know what is really going on in the world’s governments and intelligence centers.